What if I told you that you can transform the time you spend in your car to create a space that actually empowers you?

There is a new trend all over TikTok called Dopamine Decor. Its the idea that our surroundings have a direct impact on our mood, and that we can adjust our space and control our feelings.

Everywhere I look, this trend is flourishing. Homes adorned with unusual color palettes, eccentric decor elements, quirky rugs, and unconventional arrangement of wall art. All these elements combined, aim to create a space that's unique to us and one that instills joy in our lives.

The neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for that feeling of joy. Dopamine is a chemical messenger that transmits signals in the brain and other parts of our body.

The science behind dopamine decor is fascinating and, in my opinion, powerful. As your eyes take in pleasing sights, your visual cortex processes this information and communicates with your brain’s reward system. This induces the release of dopamine the neurotransmitter that brings about feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Its a real, physiological response to surrounding ourselves with things that bring us joy. Dopamine functions include motivation and reward, mood and emotion, memory and learning, and pleasure and pain.

So, great! We have this amazing opportunity to decorate our homes in ways that triggers this response in our bodies and lift us up.

However, has anyone addressed our emotional state we have when we drive our cars? The most recent data from AAA Foundations for Traffic and Safety survey indicates that drivers in the United States made an average of 2.2 driving trips per day, spending 50.6 minutes driving approximately 31.5 miles. That’s almost an hour a day! And if you're anything like me, a working parent, you spend much more time in your car then that! .

This is where Shoosksa Scented Car Jewelry comes in. Not only does Shooska deliver on the visual side of dopamine decor with its unique personality-expressing jewelry, but it also elevates the experience by engaging our sense of smell.

When you attach your jewel to your car’s A/C vent you will begin to smell gentle whisps of fragrance enveloping your space. Made with your well-being in mind, our fragrances our intended to not overwhelm your senses, but serve as a reminder to heighten them. All our scents are non-toxic, and devoid of the harmful chemicals typically found in car air fresheners, like phthalates, parabens, SLS and SLES.

The experience Shooska provides is multi-sensory, thus helping to engage larger portions of your brain, creating a richer neural stimuli and enhancing the happiness factor. With Shooska, your car becomes more than just a mode of transportation—it becomes a space for self-expression, pleasure with a heightened sense of well-being.

With Shooska, you're not just decorating your car or making it smell good. You're reclaiming your time, turning stressful commutes into empowering self improvement sessions. You’re making the world a better place starting with your own small corner of it. Its dopamine decor on the go! Shooska helps transform your mind by transforming your ride.

— Stephanie Wells, Shooska Founder