Shooska Scented Car Jewelry is a transformative tool designed to help you reclaim the time you spend in your car and turn it into something positive.
It's a piece of artfully crafted metal with the power of gemstones, and it carries a clean, gentle, awakening fragrance for your mind, body and car.

Personalize your space in your car

Be clever about how you spend your time
in your car. Create a space that feels good
to ride in. Vibe your ride.

Love Notes From Our Customers

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Things our customers tell us.

Makes me so happy! I love having it in my car!

Carrie Rodgers

Happy customer

I got it as a gift. I love it!

Lindsay Smith

Los Angeles, CA

I'm sensitive to fragrance. These do not overwhelm me, its nice.

Plus its really pretty.

Shayna Levine

12 days ago

I'm into stones. These really are like jewelry in my car.

Sandy Boone

Verified customer

I love mine. Definitely going to get these for gifts! My mom, my sister, they are so cool!

Jackie Jarlovich

Verified customer

I have never seen anything like this before!

Tatum Rich

Verified customer