I lost my sister Alisa to cancer two years ago.   We were as close as sisters can be and together we built an international jewelry design and manufacturing company, called Double Happiness Jewelry and Home.  For 13 years we worked together, she was responsible for the PR and I designed and ran the company.  Through adventures and tragedies, good and bad, fun and scary, we were partners standing side by side, supporting each other.   
The name Shooska was the name she used in her email address, and I have named my new company after her as a way to keep her spirit with me in this new venture.  

In her memory, a portion of all proceeds goes to the La Jolla Family House, a service at UCSD Medical which provides temporary housing for patients and their families while undergoing treatement for life threatening diseases, like cancer.  

The idea behind Shooska is a merging of my two loves, jewelry design, and neuroscience.  The wanna-be scientist in me has been studying how the brain works for years, specifically the neuroscience of the brain and its response to sensations and language. 
I am also a certified hypnotherapist.

My belief is Shooska can be a tool for transformation.   I believe time spent in our car has untapped potential.  When change how we feel in the car so that it serves us, we are not only changing our driving experience, we are setting ourselves up for a positive experience upon arriving at our destination.     

I am not a doctor, I am just a girl with a passion.  

On a simple note, it is cool to have in your car and it smells good. On a deeper level, we can use it to change our lives for the better.